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Nike has the latest and trendiest if you know anything about the shoe industry. They carry models and sizes for everybody. It doesn’t matter whether you’re old or young; there is something for you at Nike. The company trades to tons of high street fashion stores in the UK and is the biggest shoe company in the world. They know what they best and trendiest looks are. Found in 1964, the company has roots in WW2. They have been leading shoe fashion for a long time!

Nike prides itself on the street wear and fashion scene. From high tops to basketball jerseys, the company knows exactly what looks their customers are going for.  Clothing in this lifestyle is not just fashion; it’s a way of life. The culture knows that looking fly can give you a physical and mental advantage in the goal you’re attacking.

Nike is branded with the entire top of the line catalogue. From high street retailers, to underground companies, the company sees itself for what it is. Sportswear giants such as Adidas and Puma are glad to share tables with such a reputable shoe company.

Nike believes there should be something for everybody.  It is the largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel in the world. They make over 24.1 billion in excess each year and employs over 44,000 people around the globe.  The best names in sports such as Jordan and Tony Hawk have sponsored or worn Nike.

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